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Whole Pig butchery

Saturday October 1th 2018 6:00 p.m.

$175 per person plus GST

Everyone get the chance to work on the pig in this class! Class will start with a walk around the farm to see how the pigs are raised and treated. Working in groups of 4, you will break down the pig. We will be discussing the different cuts of pork and how they are they are prepared. We will also be discussing knife safety and proper sanitary practices. At the end of class everyone will go home with approx 15lbs of meat and recipes to go along with each. A small meal will be served at the end of the class!

Sausage making 101

Saturday October 27th 2018 6:00 p.m.

$135 per person

2-3 hour class time

This workshop will cover everything you need to know about the basic techniques of sausage making. We’ll discuss the importance of food safe practices while making sausage, where to source the ingredients, the “science” behind sausage making, and finally some great sausage recipes. Participants will have the opportunity to make sausage and taste all the sausages we make during the work shop.

We will also use each sausage in a featured recipe that you will also have the opportunity to enjoy!Workshop tip…don’t eat before you get here!

Everyone will get 2 links of each sausage to take with them

This class we’ll be making:

chicken, sage, and dried fruit sausage / fresh chorizo sausage / kielbasa / saucisson sec ( dry cured sausage)

Bone broth work shop

November 7th 2018 6:30 p.m.

$79.95 per person

Everyone will receive 1 liter of each broth to take home with them

Learn all about the positive benefits of broth, how to make it, and recipes to use it in. We will go through the process of making chicken, beef, and pork bone broth, sampling each one. We will then demonstrate and serve a recipe using the bone broth (it’s not just for drinking!)

Charcuterie for the holidays

Friday November 16th 2018 6:30 p.m.

2-3 hours

$110 per person

Everyone goes home with a sample of each item to enjoy at home!

This class we’ll be making:

Country style pork pate / Chicken liver mousse / hunter sausage / beer brined smoked ham / Fall spice pork rilette

Bacon making work shop at Central Park Farms

Friday November 30th 2018 6:30 p.m.

$125 per person plus GST

It’s all about bacon in this work shop! We’ll walk you through the process of curing and smoking Central Park Farms pork. We’ll be preparing 2 varieties of smoked bacon- a honey cured and a beer brined bacon! Then we’ll move on to pancetta, the Italian style bacon were the belly is cured, rolled and hung. Keeping with the Italian theme, we’ll go through the process of making guanciale( cured jowl bacon). Finally Canadian bacon- the maple cured loin! We’ll discuss safety procedures, different curing and smoking techniques, and of course a sample of everything that is made! Everyone will also get a package of what was made to take home!

This class we’ll be making:

Honey cured bacon / beer cured bacon / pancetta / Canadian bacon / Guanciale


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