You have the food, and just need someone to help finish off so you can enjoy your party? Then what you need is a Chef on Site. For $40 an hour**  I come on site and can help finish the final meal preparations, finish the cooking, and help with packaging of left over foods.

Recent “Chef on site”:

A client was having a rehearsal dinner, with a barbecue and a salad buffet. They had pretty much everything completed, but just needed help before and during dinner. I showed up at 4:00, fired up the briquettes for the barbecue and began doing some last minute prep. I sliced the onions, cut the corn, etc. For dinner I ran the barbecue, cooking burgers and corn. I also made sure there was plenty of sauteed onion sand mushrooms. I served all the guests from the barbecue. After dinner I helped break down their buffet, wrapping and packaging leftovers. The barbecue was scrubbed down and cleaner than when I started. For these clients, prepping the buffet was no problem, they just needed an experienced chef to cook the hot food for 50 people. Having a chef on site took away much of the stress, and allowed them to enjoy more time with their guests!

For a further “Chef on site” consultation drop me an email:

** minimum 6 hours, travel time included