This is a great recipe that went over very well at The Langley Farmers Market. We used Barkely sound sockeye salmon from 1 Fish 2 Fish, The cider was from the Fraser Valley Cider company, and the salt was from Vancouver Island sea salt. We served this on a bed of pickled vegetables!

Cider and beet brined salmon

1 side salmon

500ml bottle dry cider

4 beets

2 T sugar

8 T course salt

Peel beets, and place in food processor, process till finely chopped. In a mixing bowl combine the beets with the cider, salt, and sugar. Pour over the salmon, place cling film over salmon, and weigh down gently with some canned goods. Allow salmon to sit in fridge overnight, or 12 hours. Remove salmon from brine, scraping off any excess brine still on salmon. Slice thin and serve. If you feel more comfortable cooking this, cook till about 125-130 degrees, chill, then slice and serve