Cooking in a restaurant, being confined to those four walls and chained to the stove, never gave me much opportunity to share with others the true joy of cooking. To so many people the kitchen is an intimidating arena! It just shouldn’t be that way.  A kitchen is a place to have fun, create, experiment, and share. Through demo’s, cooking classes and videos, I hope to show you how easy it is to cook “food from the farm”. Along with a few simple techniques, you’ll see the true secret is to cook locally, simply, and seasonally! So keep coming back here for a visit and we’ll keep you updated on classes, new recipes, and videos!

Several years ago we did 4 recipes for a local magazine. The interview they did will give a look into how my mind works when its comes to recipes. (hint think local, simple, and seasonal)

 Sausage making, bacon making, and charcuterie classes at our Abbotsford location. Class and booking information:

November 5th

Kitchen Therapy
Appies for Christmas

Biscuit topped with fig jam, honey glazed walnuts, and brie cheese

Individual toutiere turnovers with mustard fruit

Bacon wrapped smoked sausage with maple mustard drizzle

Turducken sliders; chicken sausage patty, roasted turkey, and duck confit with cranberry sauce

Smoked cod rilette

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