Herbed chevre with pickled radish, organic greens, and beet marmalade

Serves 4-6

Radishes and dressing:

150 ml hazelnut oil

150 ml apple cider vinegar

10 assorted radishes (save greens for radish top oil), thinly sliced (approx. 2 bunches)

60 ml minced shallots

5 ml sea salt

Combine all ingredients. Allow to sit a minim of 2 hours or as long as overnight.

Radish top oil:

1 bunch parsley, tough stems removed

Reserved greens from 2 bunches radish

1 cup vegetable oil

Rinse parsley and radish tops; Blanche in boiling water for 1 minutes. Remove and shock in ice water. Squeeze dry and puree with vegetable oil. Allow to sit overnight. Strain through a fine strainer.

Beet marmalade:

1 kg red beets

28 grams unsalted butter

2 medium red onions, peeled and julienned

75 ml brown sugar

75 ml balsamic vinegar

10 ml sea salt

Boil beets till tender, peel and grate. Set aside.

Heat butter in heavy bottomed sauce pot

Add onion and gently cook-20-30 minutes till caramelized

Add vinegar, sugar, salt, and grated beets

Reduce to thick and jam like, cool

Makes more than you need for this recipe, will keep 7-10 days in fridge

Herbed chevre:

454 grams chevre

5 ml sea salt

2.5 ml fresh ground black pepper

10 grams minced shallots

6 grams minced Italian parsley

5 grams minced thyme

Combine all ingredients. Can be made several days in advance

To assemble:

1lb organic greens

Remove radish from vinaigrette. Lightly toss greens with some of the hazelnut vinaigrette (reserving any extra dressing for another use)

Place some of the herbed chevre on plate and top with dressed greens. Make a quenelle with beet marmalade and place off to side. Place radishes around plate. Finish with a drizzle of the radish top oil