Our in home classes are designed to give you the opportunity to learn new skills in the kitchen and leave you with some amazing food for you an your family to enjoy!

Times for classes are flexible. We can start as early as 10:00 a.m or as late as 6:00 p.m.

Currently I can do:

  • Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday any time 10:00 a.m. -6:00p.m.
  • Wednesday and Thursday after 2:00p.m.

The whole chicken class

$225 (travel fee may apply)

Class time approx: 3-3.5 hours

Buying ethically raised meats can be expensive. A great way to save yourself money is to learn a little butchery. In this class I’ll show you how to break down 2 non-gmo chickens from Central Park Farms. Once broken down, we will make some amaing broth, a comforting soup, brined legs, marinated skewers, and stuffed breasts. Throughout the class I will talk about easy ingredient substitutions, how many of these techniques can be used with other meats, and whatever else you can think off! I will bring pretty much every thing we need for the evening prep and cooking. All  you will need is a pot large enough for 6 liters broth, a strainer to drain broth, and enough space for the two of us to work!

By the end of the class you will have:

approx 3 liters rich chicken broth

approx 3 liters chicken noodle soup

4 lemon-herb brined chicken legs

4 fennel stuffed chicken breasts

4 balsamic honey marinated chicken tender skewers

recipes for every dish so you can make them over and over again!