Having a chefs table in the kitchen for many years at the restaurant was always so much fun! Giving customers the opportunity to join me in the kitchen and to see first hand what goes into preparing and serving foods from the farm was always a treat. During and after dinner there was always time to talk food! I only wish every table that came in could receive an experience like this! Now is my chance, by bringing a variation of the chef’s table into your home! We can prepare a multi course plated meal, or a family style meal, focusing on locally sourced produce and ethically raised meat. I will customize and design a menu around your special evening, prepare most of the food in your kitchen so you and your guests can enjoy the aromas, then serve it you! When all is said and done I’ll even clean up (please don’t tell my wife I know how to do this).

The Kitchen Table Experience

Customized menus

Cocktail menu

In addition to our “surprise” kitchen table experience and customized menu option, we also have some specially designed menus for those a little less adventurous. Still using the most amazing local products, these menus will give you and your guests an unforgettable culinary journey in the comfort of your home! Some minor changes to menus can be accommodated, please indicate any preferences in your contact email

The Whole Hog Dinner !

Beer tasting dinner

Italian inspired meal

Country French

Chef on Site

A few other samples of what we can do!