Mayonnaise was something we always made at the restaurant and now at home. I could never bring myself to serve purchased mayo, especially after reading the list of ingredients!  Once you’ve made it at home and realize just how easy it is, you’ll never go back to the store bought stuff. I make this recipe in a kitchen aid stand mixer, but you can easily half the recipe and use a food processor to make it! Don’t throw away the egg whites after you’ve separated the yolks, they can be used for breakfast or meringues. This mayonnaise will easily keep in your refrigerator 1-2 weeks.


Yields 2.84 liters


12 egg yolks

120 ml dijon mustard

2 liters vegetable oil

120 ml red wine vinegar

16 gr. sea salt


Place egg yolks and mustard in mixer and beat with whip attachment till mixture thickens slightly

Once the mixture has thickened, slowly begin adding the oil. Very slow to begin with and as the mayo comes together you can start adding a little quicker!

Once you’ve added half the oil, you’ll notice the mayo is getting quite thick! At this point you can add half the vinegar. This will thin it out a little, and make adding the remaining oil easier!

Once you have finished adding the remaining oil, pour in the last of the vinegar and season with salt. There you have it. Homemade mayo without all the added garbage you find in the store bought product. Enjoy!