Pork fat and herb biscuits with whipped Golden Ears butter $6

Taves Farms Heirloom tomato bruschetta; basil, garlic, and oregano marinated tomatoes baked on house focaccia bread with Parmesan cheese $7

Pan fries; Fingerling potatoes sautéed in golden ears cultured butter and finished with Earth Apple Organic Farm fresh sage; topped with cider mustard aioli $8 (GF)

Spaghettini, extra virgin olive oil, chilies, local garlic, Backyard Farms basil, Parmesan cheese $8 (gluten free pasta available add $1)

Salad nicoise “our way”: steelhead salmon, pasture raised egg, local greens, fingerling potato, tomato, heirloom peas, sea asparagus, Glorious Organics celebration salad $16

Pulled Fraser Valley duck sliders, wild flower honey chipotle bbq sauce, cranberry chutney, fennel slaw, brioche bun $5 each

Raspberry, white chocolate and lavender creme brûlée $5 (GF) (yes, we’ll make more this week!)