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Cardamom coffee cake with spiced dried plums (featured at a Kitchen Therapy cooking class)

Feta sour cream (Featured at the 2016 Feast of Fields in our pig’s head taco, as well as at the fall open house at K & M Farms

Apple butter as featured at The K & M farms fall open house

Five Spice Apple Salsa

Lentil ragout( Seasonal 56 classic)


Lemon brine (Featured at the June 2016 fresh chicken pick up day at K & M Farms

Fennel and mushroom stuffed breast of chicken (Featured at the June 2016 fresh chicken pick up day at K & M Farms)

Potato salad with horseradish and dill (served at The Old Abbey Ales Fathers Day barbecue)

Garlic scape, kale, and pine nut pesto

Grilled garlic scapes

Garlic scape vinaigrette

Garlic scape hummus

Chicken broth

Grilled peach and blue cheese salad

Spice rubbed bison steaks with corn relish

Rosemary aioli

Herbed chevre with pickled radish and beet marmalade

Chickpea ragout with spiced red lentils (as seen in BC Living magazine 2015)

Grilled salmon with a summer bean and tomato salad

Apple and Agassiz Alpine Gold cheese stuffed breast of chicken with thyme scented jus

Ginger and mirin glazed salmon with Asian slaw

Braised red cabbage with juniper berries and balsamic

Peach chutney (featured at Langley Eats Local)

Bacon and stout jam (as featured at Langley Eats Local)

Honey and yogurt panna cotta with candied rhubarb

Cider and beet brined salmon (as sampled at Langley Eats Local)

Herb and truffle butter (Seasonal 56 classic)

Honey balsamic vinaigrette (as featured at Langley Eats Local)

Marinated olives (from the All of Oils cooking class)

Apple cider brine with honey glaze ( as featured at the Fraser Valley Cider Company chicken barbecue and at the fall K & M Farms open house)