The Chef’s Shack is located at The Fraser Valley Cider company in Langley. Their address is 22128 – 16th avenue
Chef’s Shack philosophy:
The Chef’s Shack will focus on serving small plates meant for sharing. Each dish will be inspired by the offerings of our local suppliers. Whether you are enjoying a cider and a snack, or ordering multiple dishes to share, our goal is to provide a memorable food experience.

Final Chefs Shack service of the year is Saturday September 7th from 4:00-8:30. The Cidery will also be having live music this night from 6:00-9:00!!!


Pork fat biscuits with whipped pork and sage butter $4

Local organic greens, pickled beets, cranberry Dutchess cheese, apple, maple cider vinagrette $6

Spaghettinni with guanciale, Rosemary, olives and a candied garlic tomato sauce $10

Pulled duck tacos with corn relish, feta creme, pickled cabbage, and pale ale BBQ sauce  $12

Italian spiced lamb and pork meatballs in lamb bolognese sauce; parmesan aioli and grilled focaccia $14

Smoked salmon and brie flat bread with creme fraiche, capers, sweet onions and dill $14

Cider creme brule  $8

Chef’s Shack seating and payment options:

No reservations. The Cidery has the seats and the cider; we have the food. Just come up to The Shack, place your order, and grab a seat. When it’s ready, we’ll bring it out to you!
Payment options:
Cash – preferred 👍
Debit – accepted😊
Credit card – available( but not encouraged) 😉

Chef's Shack.